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New Year, Newer Developments

SGDCC driving adoption of cutting edge technologies

What a blast! 2019 ended with a resounding bang. Within the first year of incorporation, SGDCC has made numerous strides in blockchain education and community building. From the blockchain and networking night to the Gatsby party on Christmas day, SGDCC has always prioritized the fostering of community within our network. For those of you who joined our network in 2019…
Thank You.

The year 2020 brings about even greater innovation within the digital space. Transformative artificial intelligence, lighting fast 5G data networks, big data analytics and blockchain adoption are but some of the exciting areas that could drastically impact businesses and our daily lives. In this dynamic environment, SGDCC has done more than keep pace with the 4th industrial revolution. This year, we will be having more events and activities that will benefit you. So keep an eye out for our newsletter and press releases.

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In 2020, the foundation will see massive development in both Singapore and the rest of southeast Asia. To keep pace with the constant and rapidly evolving technology landscape, the platform will scale to accommodate the changing demands of enterprises, communities, and policymakers..

Our members can expect more opportunities to leverage the connectivity that the network can bring. So stay tuned for more exciting news and developments from SGDCC.